Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River

Enjoy a diverse selection of activities in and around BECS RV Park in Concan, Texas!

BECS RV Park offers opportunities to have fun and relax! We have a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, which is ideal for playing outdoor games, enjoying a picnic, or just relaxing under a tree. Many native bird species and local wildlife visit the park, so bird watching and wildlife viewing are excellent ways to spend a morning or afternoon. Bring your binoculars and guide books!

BECS RV Park is in close proximity to the Frio River, allowing access to all kinds of water recreation. The Frio River's water runs cool, clear and clean at a moderate pace, making it ideal for tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. Experience is not necessary for paddle trips, as the river is calm and fairly shallow compared to other Texas rivers. The Frio River flows past Garner State Park and on down to Concan, which is the most paddled stretch. There is at least one outfitter in the area offering rentals and information. If you'd rather stay dry, then take a stroll along the river banks; the sheer beauty of the river and changing colors of the seasons make the Frio a unique experience and worth visiting.

There are several outfitters offering rentals and river shuttles.

The Texas Hill Country is renowned for bird watching opportunities. There are several areas nearby that provide trails and spots ideal for birding, including the Garner State Recreation Park. Species you might see include Painted Buntings, Vermilion Flycatcher, Peregrine Falcons, woodpeckers, Red-Shouldered Hawks and Whistling Ducks. There are also warblers of all kinds, common ravens, doves and more! The birding season lasts from early May - June and through the fall. Wildlife includes white-tail deer, opossum, raccoons, tree squirrels and wild turkeys, especially near the river.

Photos are indicative of the area, not necessarily what you will see at the park.


Local Interests

Garner State Recreation Park - Deep canyons, crystal-clear streams, high mesas and carved limestone cliffs are all features visitors will find at Garner State Recreation Park. Garner State Park is found seven miles north of Concan and features ten acres of riverfront. The park offers hiking, nature study, picnicking, canoeing, fishing, swimming in the Frio River, seasonal miniature golf, paddle boat rentals, juke box dancing at the concessions building and bike riding. Best times to visit are during mid-week or off-season periods.
Aviation Museum of Texas - This museum has moved to Uvalde from Kerrville and showcases a wide variety of aviation history, including a PT-17 antique Stearman, Liaison-4, a 1946 Ercoupe, a Fairchild and a PT-19. Other exhibits feature a collection of Garner Field and WWII memorabilia. The museum is located on a former WWII training facility. The museum is open Wednesday - Friday. Garner Field Road – PO Box 453, Uvalde, TX 78802 – (830)-278-2552.
Lost Maples State Natural Area- Lost Maples has something very few other parks have: the bigtooth maples for which the park is named only exist in several western states and northern Mexico. Many visitors come to see the extraordinary display of fall color which reaches its peak in early November. Bird life is also abundant at the park including the rare golden-cheeked warbler. Other activities include hiking, backpacking, photography, nature study, fishing, swimming and picnicking. The best time to visit is during weekdays.
Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area - Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area lies hidden away in the western edge of the Texas Hill Country. This Sinkhole is a vertical cavern with an opening approximately 40 by 60 feet and is a Nationally Registered Natural Landmark. There is a large seasonal population of Mexican free-tail bats that put on quite a show when they leave the cave in the evening to forage. Guided tours to see the bats and the caverns are available every evening. Access to Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area is limited to tours only.

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Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
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Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River
Bec's RV Park in the Frio Canyon near the Frio River